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Management/ Strategy online game
Unity - C#, PHP

2014 - 2015

Eden Project

Eden Project is a management/ strategy game playable online.

The player is a new recruit who was assigned the commander function of a planet in another galaxy.

To complete his mission, which is to develop and extend his civilization in the universe, he will have to manage the economy, the military, trades, and relations with other civilizations and other players...

Eden Project Trailer

Winner of the gameplay prize and the community prize - Hits Playtime 2015 Game contest

Winner of the jury prize - Haute Ecole Albert Jacquard 2015


The game was developed during our final year at the Haute Ecole Albert Jacquard.

We were three on this project. I worked with Johan Lambot and Julien Hemmerlé.

I created the original concept and I programmed the game with Johan Lambot. More precisely I mainly worked on the online connection, the procedural generation of planets and the creation of shaders. I also participated in the development of the gameplay and navigation interface.

During the year and thanks to the Hits Playtime game contest, we had the chance to present our project to the Geekopolis event and to receive many tips and opinions from players and professionals present at this event.

And finally we have won the gameplay and the community prizes on the Hits Playtime game contest, and the jury prize of end of study from our school.

A link to an article from our devblog detailing our procedural generation method.

Play the game (beta)

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Gamejam project

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Multiplayer fighting game
Unity - C#


Fruight Club

Fruight Club is a fighting game in local multiplayer, 8 players controlling fruits are fighting against each other to dominate the arena cake!

The game was developed during a gamejam in April 2014 with:
_ Felix Millon
_ Guillaume Maix-Bertin
_ Johan Lambot
_ France Mansiaux
_ Marie Lorent
_ Julien Hemmerlé

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Personal project

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Endless runner
Web, mobile
Unity - C#, PHP



The player controls a square that can not stop his forward movement. He uses the space key or touch screen to jump and avoid the obstacles and the traps to do the best scrore.

The map consists of a series of 4 types of environments / patterns generated procedurally. At the end of each environment the player wins an additional "follower", corresponding to an extra jump or a score bonus, the scrolling is faster, and the game is harder.

The best score of each player can be shared on an online leaderboard at the end of the game.


This is a personal project developed during the summer of 2014. So I created the game entirely, the code, the graphics and the sounds.

The goal was to make the game as simple as possible, whether for the graphics or the gameplay, allowing me to focus on the game experience, and try new things, like the creation of an online leaderboard and procedural generation of a level.

Play the game

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School project

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Infection game
Fresh3D - C++, Lua

2013 - 2014


Sepsis is an infection game, developed with the Fresh Engine and running at 60fps / 1080p on PS3.

In a tomb, the player controls a disease that takes control over a human mutating him into a monster. The goal is to control and spread the infection by killing all humans through this monster, creating a monster army increasingly imposing.


The game was developed during the school year 2013 - 2014 at the Haute Ecole Albert Jacquard.

We were 7 on this project, 2 programmers and 5 artists:
_ Johan Lambot
_ Julien Hemmerlé
_ Thibaud Gayraud
_ Sébastien Van Elverdinghe
_ Etienne Lechevallier
_ Thomas Meurisse

My main work was to create the collider and pathfinding system, from their creation in Maya to their interpretation in C++, and which supports the highest number of characters possible.

I also worked with Johan Lambot on the infection logic, the movement of the characters on the map, the AI characters, optimization, and some Fresh integration of artists assets, like the HUD, the main Menu or the sound.

Sepsis Gameplay video

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Internship / Personal project

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Puzzle/ Platform game
PSP & PS3 minis
Fresh3D - C++, Lua

2013 - 2014

City 7

City 7 is a Puzzle/ Platform game for the PSP.

The player controls a small character who must escape from City 7.
He will have to use his power to go back in time and make clones of himself to avoid traps and enemies, solve puzzles and go through the 32 levels and the 3 different environments from City 7.

City 7 Trailer


The game was originally a project of end of school year 2013.
I had the opportunity to finish it during my internship 2013 - 2014 at the Fresh 3D studio, with the help of professionals, to try to publish it on the PSP minis store.

So I finished the game, I made it marketable and ready for the first publication tests.

I created the project entirely with the advice of my internship supervisors and my teachers, the code, the modelings, the textures, the sounds, the musics, the level design, etc ...

Unfortunately, a few weeks after sending the game to Sony for the first publication tests, the production shutdown of the PSP and its online store have been announced.

So that was the end of this project, it will never be available for players.

However the game is fully finished and runs on PSP and PS3 as minis.
The development of a complete game for consoles like this was a very interesting and rewarding experience.

City 7 Soundtrack

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Alexandre Meunier
Video game developer

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June 2015

Graduate from specialization year in video games

"88% success - Great distinction"
Haute Ecole Albert Jacquard

Development of the game Eden Project

School project
"Winner of the gameplay,
the community and the jury prizes"

2014 - 2015

April 2015

GameJam project

Personal project

August 2014

June 2014

Bachelor in computer graphics
Video games programming section

"81% success - Great distinction"
Haute Ecole Albert Jacquard

Development of the game Sepsis

School project

2013 - 2014

2013 - 2014

Internship / Personal project
Internship at the Fresh 3D studio

Download my resume (.pdf)

About me

Age: 27
Country of residence: France
Willing to relocate internationally

Passionate about video games, computer graphics, cinema and music, I followed the video games cursus at the Haute Ecole Albert Jacquard for 3 years, in programming section.

I graduated with a bachelor in computer graphics in June 2014 and graduated from the year of specialization in video game development in June 2015, with respectively 81% and 88% success and a great distinction for both.

Our video game developed during the year 2014 - 2015, Eden Project, received the jury prize of our school and the gameplay prize and the community prize on the Hits Playtime game contest.

Since 2013, I regularly work with the Unity engine. I have acquired knowledge and skills like programming in C# and Javascript, shaders programming in CG / HLSL, assets integration and development of online features.

If your company is looking for video game development talents, please send me a message through the form below or directly to my email address.

Programming languages: C#, C++, Lua, Javascript, PHP, Mel
Shading language: CG/HLSL
Others: HTML, CSS, XML

Softwares: Visual Studio, Perforce, SVN, Maya, Photoshop
Engines: Unity, Fresh Engine

Languages:_French, mother tongue
_English, good listening and reading level, average speaking and writing level